Thursday, 30 August 2018

School poem!!

A place were all our memories are made 
Having fun every day 
Waking up, I can't be late 
My brain switched on 
Now school is great
Represent my school with pride
Not here for trouble
Just positive vibes  

Thursday, 23 August 2018

Road Poem!!

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Cloudy, rainy, sunny days 
Long or short 
There's lot's of ways
Running walking driving by 
Just be safe 
Look both sides
Before you cross 
have a think 
Could this be your last blink
Fun happy family rides 
Catching sunsets In the sky

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Kua tae te wā - it’s time!

It’s time for what I hear you say.   It’s time for teachers to have their say - to be heard.   That’s right our teachers are banding together this month to grab the attention of our government.  There are a number of things that our teachers are hoping to achieve by going on strike. I will explain some of these things in the following paragraphs.  You might even be able to see how you can be part of the action!

Do you think teachers are getting enough time to teach? From my opinion teachers should get way more time to focus on the kids.  Some teachers time gets cut down and more work gets put on our teachers shoulder’s and it pulls them away from us children. For an example some teachers do reflection reports during their time for teaching..and if they do reflection reports instead of spending more learning time with their student’s, how much learning do you think us students would get to progress and get better ?

Second point
Our teacher’s current payment is not too good and the teachers are not getting paid enough
for their work they put in, it doesn’t mean that all the teachers just want millions of dollars but all
they want is a good amount that could still help them with their personal things. It also could
keep the next generation of kids growing up trying to find a job to either feed their family and
keep the roof over their head or even just to keep themselves healthy and safe.If the next
upcoming children look at how much a teacher gets paid then they might turn around and say
“ Ohh that won’t help me they only get paid a little amount” and if there's no upcoming teachers
then we might run out of teachers and then us children will have no learning time.

Another reason why the teachers are striking is the lack of resourcing for additional needs for
an example kids that need extra help don’t always have that maybe sometimes someone will
help but not on a daily basis which means that student could end up not learning anything or
could feel like it’s too hard.  They would need their own special helper just to make sure there
progressing and even learning one thing every day.

So their you have it  I guess all these teachers are going on strike just to help us as students
and themselves, So you could help just by supporting them and wishing them all the best.
You could even do a blog post right now about how you feel about our teachers going on strike.
More time to teach,Resourcing for additional needs, Better pay.. I think that’s a three good
points to go on strike for.

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Four Ideas For Your Next FUN SCHOOL HOLIDAY!!!

Late nights, junk food, video games and fun activities what could be a better school holidays? If your looking for some tips on how to make your boring school holiday into a creative school holiday well Read on! Take these tips and use them for your next FUN SCHOOL HOLIDAY.

The very first thing to do is make sure you get all your chores out of the way because if your floors are dirty, clothes aren’t washed and the sink is full with dishes then all you would be cleaning instead of playing. If you are cleaning try and be creative so you don’t stay bored while your cleaning. You could time yourself and see how fast your time is or you could freestyle with what every object your use for an example “ I just need to find the broom, then after that i can use the vacuum”

Second of all don’t have a planned school holiday because that would make things go bananas and you would have to remember what to do and what to wear. All you should do is try and find something to do or let a great idea pop into your head then that’s when you say “I'VE GOT A GREAT IDEA”.

Thirdly don’t be the stay home guy and be the outside active guy, it’s way more fun and it’s also healthy.   Staying inside is so boring like just imagine a great sunny day were you could do a lot of things like going to the beach and having a water balloon fight is way better then trying to get 1 victory royal in fortnite. You could do so much outside and have so much fun  then staying inside on video games.

It’s always good to have fun but it’s also good to have some family time because your family is the most important thing and to just spend a good day with your family could even make your holidays fun.  

Creative chores, great ideas, fun activities now that’s what i would call a fun holiday, so if thought these four ideas on having a fun holidays  were very inspiring maybe next time you could try them and write your very own blog about your fun holiday.

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Every Body Won't You Move Your Body!!

All of a sudden a loud sound of music burst through the crowd and a hairy groovy beyonce
popped out shimming and shining telling everyone to get up and “Move your body”
 I will be telling you about the hairy beyonce with his groovy dance moves and teachers
that went “ALL OUT” and entertained the crowd.

The start of Term 3 was one of the best starts to school you could think of.  Have you ever
walked into the first day of school and dancing and clapping and
just moving  your body? Our school theme was Move Your Body and it was all about
being healthy, active and learning new things that can help you or teach you new things.

Teachers that stood out was the team 5 teachers showing us how to do tai chi an ancient
Chinese form of exercise originally created as a fighting art.  They really made us laugh
and even though it was funny it also had a meaning in it like to never give up when
your trying something new and to just give it your all even though you don’t know how to do it.

Thank you to all the teachers for presenting their items and getting us kids to look forward
to having an amazing term 3. Thank you to Mr.Burt for showing us his beyonce moves and
getting us all up and moving and getting our brains switched on and ready,
Thank you to all the outstanding teachers who took their time to make a video or present
a item for each team.

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Ole ala i le pule o le tautua !!

Year 8 leadership camp was by far the best activity for the term. The bus trip was just beautiful it was like diving into nature, the views of mountains were amazing because when you’d thought you have seen the biggest mountain a even bigger one appears.  All i could think of in the bus was getting to the camp.

Arriving to the camp we started to unpack and find our cabins, and all the groups had to sit at one table each and all the groups names were labels on the tables like Cormandle, Kauaeranga, kauri, Thames. We had to get used to this camp and the things around the camp, but i’ll say i felt like a country boy entering a fresh countryside town. the cabin i got put into had 5 bunks and they were all close to each other.

Every night before we had to get our cultural groups to stand up and start a Waiata  and we would all sing before we ate.

The activities were really fun and enjoying.  My all time favourite was paintball and the go cart, but my highlight from camp would have to be the item practice’s because our group became closer and closer every time we practice and worked as a team but sadly we didn’t get the results we wanted for our item but our teamwork and attitude was what mattered.

The main purpose of this camp was becoming a young leader and building up your Self-Confidence, Responsibility and Working as a team. “O le ala i le pule o le tautua”  means “by the path to leadership is through service”.

Friday, 2 March 2018

2018 Visual Mihi

 This is my 2018 visual mihi, in the top left corner it shows that sport is a part of my life and I really enjoy playing sports and just having fun, also always finding a new team new brother hood to join.
In my right corner is the bible and a verse from Pslam, that shows that I am a child of god and will always worship him. In the bottom left corner is the shield of The Kingdom Of Tonga, I am a proud MMT (Mate Ma'a Tonga) representative. last of all in my bottom right corner is my family's last name showing that Family is first, hope you like also leave a good comment :))