Monday, 11 December 2017

Strive to succes!!!

Today we had two special guest named Mr Patterson & Raenan who was known as a ex student at Pt.England School.  He came to talk to us about Inspiration, Aspiration and Motivation and that it all leads up to success he said that his main goal since year 9 in Tamaki College was to be deputy boy for year 13, Four years later he achieved his goal. Mr Patterson said that when opportunity come take them but also learn how to say no, back in year 8 Raenan was on on the NZ herald news paper.

Mr Patterson showed us a video of a boy named Dwight who was also a guy who achieved in school even though he grew up in a bad child hood he never gave up and kept on pushing, his video was very inspiring and his quote was "You can't CHANGE unless you CHANGE yourself". The point today was to take opportunity that will get you somewhere and never listen to put downs.

Labour day

What Labour Day actually celebrates.  
Title - What you will be explaining
Introduction - Tell your audience what the topic is about and what is to be explained.
Information - Explain the elements or steps in a logical sequence
Conclusion - Final summarising statement, an evaluation or comment about what you have explained.

Samuel Parnell the life saver
Have you ever wondered why we celebrate labour day or what is labour day well labour day is not about the labour party it was about a man named Samuel Parnell who fought for many people that were struggling with working for a very long time.
1st idea
A man named Samuel Parnell should be a man that everyone should know because he has helped many people throughout their working struggles, do you think you could work for 18 hours or more even now man and women have been working 8 hours because of this man.
2nd idea
Labour day is celebrated on the 4th of october every year, it gives us a chance to celebrate the man who gave us freedom for males and females working. Well they called it labour day for a reason.Samuel Parnell called it labour day for the achievements of the workers and how long the workers worked
3rd idea
the hours we work, the pay we get, and our unions. Many countries don’t have laws and rights to protect workers like we do in New Zealand, and New Zealand was one of the first countries on the world to have an 8 hour working day because of this man and what he did i mean he should be a legend to new zealand.
Well thats everything I know about Samuel Parnell so do you think he is a legend? If you know anything else about this man leave a comment or research on him hope you liked my work

Friday, 3 November 2017

Incredible Instruments Orchestra!!!

  Here are some images from the instruments we were studding on. We had to learn about the different instrument family like the String family, Woodwind Family, Brasses Family, Percussion Family and the Keyboard Family. Leave a good comment if you liked our display.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Makey Makey Term 3 Extension Reflection

Term 3 Extension Task! It gets harder and harder every Term. This was one of the hardest so far. Our Task was to use Makey Makey and code to make an instrument to play either the song Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Happy birthday or a song that you know how to play. If you don’t know what Makey Makey is the information is on here. My group, Me and Ajani chose to play Happy Birthday. Ajani was playing the Piano and I was playing the Drums. First Ajani had to create a piano by using a cardboard box and had to cut little cardboard pieces to represent the tiles. And I used playdough container and put the playdough pieces on top and used pencils to represent the drum sticks.

The biggest challenge that we had was to try and put the drumming and mix it with the piano luckily we had Zoe there.  Ajani and I had a choice between a game show and musical  instruments so Ajani and I picked to do instruments. The thing we found most easier was getting to know the beats and keys to play our instruments, we started with the twinkle twinkle little star song but that didn’t work out so we tried Happy Birthday and it actually worked out. If you think you can take the challenge go try out the Makey Makey and see if you can make a band, here is the site go have a look and buy the kit.

Friday, 20 October 2017

Happy Niuean Language Week!!!

Moonu moonu moonu Tangaloa, Fakalofo lahi atu Today was the end of the first week of term 4.  As you know it is Niue language week and Pt.England where celebrating it with the Niuean group's item, Fun fact: did you know that there are only 14 villages in Niue, the surprising thing was that there were not only just Niuean kids there where a mixture of some Tongan, Maori and Samoan kids that just shows that you don't have too be Niue too celebrate the culture you just embrace it cause you can.
The Niue dancers outfits where outstanding, the boys looked like they where actually Niue warriors and on the other hand it was bright and colourful. It was probably the best Niuean performance ive seen if you Niuean just embrasure your culture 

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Addition and Subtraction Word Problems

WALT: Use different strategies to solve addition and subtraction word problems

How to make a cheese toastie

Today I will be telling you how too make the best cheese and onion toasties.  First make sure you have every thing you need cause you don't want too be excited about making toasties and not have the ingredients, when you have all your ingredients the second thing you want too do is butter your bread but butter it the right amount not butter it so you get diabetes but just right so it taste delicious.  

Thirdly get the cheese that you think will make your toasties yum, So what is your favourite cheese? any way slice your cheese than place it on you perfectly buttered bread,  

then get one onion and some safety goggles if you cant handle the little onion, then peel your onions without crying then cut it into little peicies so you can get more flavour in your toasties then you wait for about 2 minuets and it should be looking like this 
 if you think i gave you some good steps leave a good comment and you could tell me how you make a cheese or a different type of toasties.

The start of term four!!!

Today was the first day of term 4 and it kicked off with a good start, Every time a new term starts all teams have to do an item about the big idea, the big idea for term four is MUSICAL MADNESS! It started with a song that was written by Mr Jacobson.  My favourite part about that song was the lyrics and Mr Somerville’s drumming it sounded like he played for one of those big rock bands. All the teachers outfits were really outstanding especially Mr Jacobson's,  After that we watched Mr Jacobson’s cousin from his Scottish half, their drumming was amazing.

The most entertaining item was team three's Item theirs was very funny and really entertaining, the other one i found entertaining was team four’s that was about songs make rides funner i personally think that's true, do you think you could be in a ride with no music? The one i found most informative was team ones because music really does have emotions because in music you can really express your feelings.  What i really want to find out is how can we make this term not all about music but about different things that can have something interesting but still have something to do with music. Here are some photos of the outfits some of the teachers wore.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Catching & Farming Flounder with Pt.England

  Flounder made us walk to Riverside avenue! your  probably wondering why we walked to riverside, Today Pt.England went to support Some students from Pt.England while they were catching some baby flounder for us to put in our tank to farm them.

Pt.England where catching some baby flounder because most of the flounder in the community is endangered so were catching them to let them grow in clean water. We were also trying to beat Kauri Flats School in partnership score of 4 flounders.

We sang a Himene (hym) and did a Karakia (prayer).  We sang for our floundering people bless them to catch some beautiful baby flounder for our school so we can farm them and so their not endangered.  So tell me would you save our flounder by not polluting and catch the right size and take the right ammoun.  If you do leave a good comment 

Friday, 22 September 2017

Pt.England 2017 wins GOLD!

My 2017 journey to the Magnificent maniakalani film festival

Every year Pt.England students take part in the Manaiakalani film festival.  This year I'm going to talk about this years Manaiakalani film room three made, have every tried to film a movie and trying not to laugh? Like for an example bloopers their probably the funniest parts of the movies, in our movie we the most funniest parts so that was a challenge for us.  We had to say silly parts and we had to try not to laugh it was like sitting and watching the funniest movie in the world and you weren't allowed to laugh. 
Image result for manaiakalani

Filming these scenes where very fun we had to do different expressions like being angry, sad and being serious those where very funny times.  I'm looking forward to seeing our faces on the                                       
  extreme screen at Sylvia Park movie theatre.      
Image result for Sylvia park Extreme screen movie theatre

Wednesday, 30 August 2017


WALT: 1) Draw a 2D representation of a 3D model
2) Draw a plan for the side, front and top view of a 3D model.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Annual Speech Competition

Do you think you could be able to say a full speech in front of 150 kids? Last week team five had a speech competition there were three kids from each literacy class that were picked to say their speech lucky I wasn't one of those guys.  Each name was picked out of a box I felt so good my name wasn't in there, the first name was Amelia her one was about her nana and why she thought she was happy but it ended in a bad way but she made it sound like it was a good thing, then we went past a couple more.

The most appealing one was Danielle because her speech was very deep and people could relate to her lost most of us have lost a close family member it takes a lot of confidence to speak about that.

For me I didn't really think their was the best speech they all good but the one that was most entertaining was Mubashar he wasn’t shy he hooked the crowd with a good entrance he was funny and had good points on what he would do if he was president for one day, Most of these speeches were sad and entertaining.

Friday, 4 August 2017

I wonder?

These past weeks I have had the privilege to work with these guys, this is about the space questions we were thinking about. leave a good comment hope you like it

My speech

Why you should come to school?

So my topic for today is why you should come to school?

Kids, they think school is just a thing you can run away from or ignore, well you can’t because school is like a part of your life.  I mean who would want to stay home. Like my teacher says “you stay at home doing nothing, you roam around with no money.  Look how many things you could do at school have a full conversation about life, play touch or held if you have a referee and a mouth guard.

Waking up in the morning and thinking if you should or shouldn’t come to school, I mean before you think about if you're coming or not just think about kids who can’t read and would love to go school. Even kids who just can't afford the things they need for school or uniforms.  Those are things kids don't think about they think school is for free.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Space game reflection

In Term 2 the year 7&8 Extension group had to create a game about space, me and my group made the game with scratch. Our first attempt for our game was another space invaders game but the coding was very difficult. So we thought of making a maze game so we did but most of the coding was hard. So we stated of with a easy level it was just to get through the maze.The next level this was the level we had to think about the most because we had to make our sprite shoot our enemies that was the hardest bit out of all of them but we manage to get it done.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

The Immersion Assembly

Today was the first day of term 3 as I  walk past the school hall a ufo popped  out of nowhere.  Can you guess what our topic is for this term?…. Guardians of the Galaxy, as I sat down waiting for the first item to come up the lights went out… as Mr Jacobson fought with the aliens we all sat their in laughter and excitement waiting for the aliens to pop out.  BOOM!

The first item was by team 1 they were learning about  the solar system.  This item was about six teachers that left to outer space  to wander around the solar  system this was a very well played out. Their focus is about all the other planets like mars, the sun, the moon and the other planets.
Team 2's focus for this term is about the sun and moon.  And how they can learn more about those two planets and what other interesting facts and thing.  Their item started with a voice singing and miss nalder dancing with a shark helmet.

Team 3’s focus was about time and seasons, it was based on the days of their lifs and how time in space and in earth, the seasons are earth's time this one was the most informative out of all. Also Team 4’s focus was about can humans survive on other planets.  Their item started with an interesting hook the astronauts were guided by Pt England hackers.  Last of all team 5’s item, as the stars of Pt England walked up the stage we were all waiting for miss Judd to sing. WOW! Team 5’s focus was about what does the impact of the moon have.

Which was the most entertaining? Team 5
Which was most Informative? Team 3
What are looking forward to? Is to try new things this term

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Technofreez project update

Hey this is another update for my inquiry groups. me and my group were working on our model for our basketball hoop it was challenging trying to hold up the poles for our shelter but it looked like it was too heavy so we are currently using plastic here are some photos.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Tenths and Hundreds

Number Knowledge

Statistical Literacy

Recap Knowledge

Space Readings

Link to website (Tevita)
These robots could help NASA find alien life these robots they may not look high tech but their only proto types,but their actions are.
the first robot is a heated claw that can melt ice areas so it can find out if the planet has water.  
The second robot is like a remote controlled car but this one has rovers with special wheels for ice terrains.  
Thirdly this robot is a 33 ft folding arm to help grab far things, robot number four is a launcher for things that the arm can’t reach

Friday, 9 June 2017

Basketball shelter plan

Hi today I was just working on our sketch for our basketball shelter plan first we thought of a ordinary shelter but….  We thought bigger and are trying to make a movable shelter for the weather.  For an example if it is raining you can pull it over and if it’s a beautiful day than

Back here is a bird's eye view.

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Hi did you know that kooshes where invented in 1873

Friday, 26 May 2017

Munchie munchies!!!

Hey have you ever thought of having three days of school that are just awesome like playing games and making truffles?  So the last three days of school was for us year sevens because the year 8 went away for their year 8 leadership camp.   We had rotation, there where arts and craft,team spirit and truffles the first thing my group did was arts and craft,we have group names they are Munchies #the best,Churries and Fobalicious here are some of the photos from the last fun three days.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Monday, 8 May 2017

My Maths Grid


                                        This is my maths grid, I have improved a lot from the last term
                                      because i couldn't do that much in 10 minuets but now i am used to it
                                            and now i know most of my time tables this helps me a lot.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Scratch Game reflection

  The game reflection is our extension group reflection for our scratch game the game worked out good and the coding was awesome making a game and learning from this lady Zoe who taught us how to code and hide things in the game so thanks to Zoe.  

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Here I Come Term 2

Hey take a minuet to read this blog.  Today I will be telling you about our assembly and the goals I want to archive  in Term 2 like getting my work done and focusing more on my learning and sports.  Do you want  to know what our topic is for term 2?  The theme was  NOW THAT'S THINKING!  All the teams had to do a item.  Team 5's item was to build things that helps the school and the area around.  

During assembly Mr Burt was telling us about when Pt.England use to use old things like the first wireless connections and pod casting, Samsung netbooks from 2009 and then we up graded to a acer c7, acer cc730, acer touchscreen, but I can't remember what it is called. 

Team 5 are learning about, how we could make our year 7 & 8 block better. By putting our bags in the right place, and hanging it on the selves. And also around the school's. We also create animated movies about technology, and how we could make it animate.      

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

My first Extension trip for 2017

 Hey wait take a look at this awesome trip.  This is a trip we went to on Wednesday the 8th of march.
 We went to watch a movie that those of you may of watched it was Hidden Figures this movie was a very interesting movie it shows three African American women who worked for N.A.S.A it was a movie mixed with all emotions like racism so if you liked this movie just leave a positive comment.

Friday, 31 March 2017

Weekly Quiz

1. Why has the Whanganui River been in the news?
•a. it has become the first landmark in the world to be recognised as a living entity
•b. it has been named NZ’s dirtiest river
•c. it has been overrun by Japanese carp fish

2. A former well-known New Zealand circus animal died recently in a San Diego Zoo.  What type of animal was Jumbo?
• a. an elephant
• b. a lion
• c. a bear

3. True or false, Donald Trump’s revised travel ban has been put on hold by a federal judge?

Where were the recent national freediving championships held?
• a. the Marlborough Sounds
• b. Lake Wakatipu
• c. Lake Taupo

Over 113 people lost their lives in Ethiopia last week when …?
• a. an apartment building collapsed
• b. a flooded river burst its banks
• c. a rubbish pile collapsed on top of homes

Which of the following workers went on strike last week?
• a. Junior doctors at Starship Hospital
• b. Auckland University staff
• c. Auckland train drivers

WALT. figure out the questions above. The questions above show the things in the global world some of the things we had to look up. Please leave a good comment