Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Four Ideas For Your Next FUN SCHOOL HOLIDAY!!!

Late nights, junk food, video games and fun activities what could be a better school holidays? If your looking for some tips on how to make your boring school holiday into a creative school holiday well Read on! Take these tips and use them for your next FUN SCHOOL HOLIDAY.

The very first thing to do is make sure you get all your chores out of the way because if your floors are dirty, clothes aren’t washed and the sink is full with dishes then all you would be cleaning instead of playing. If you are cleaning try and be creative so you don’t stay bored while your cleaning. You could time yourself and see how fast your time is or you could freestyle with what every object your use for an example “ I just need to find the broom, then after that i can use the vacuum”

Second of all don’t have a planned school holiday because that would make things go bananas and you would have to remember what to do and what to wear. All you should do is try and find something to do or let a great idea pop into your head then that’s when you say “I'VE GOT A GREAT IDEA”.

Thirdly don’t be the stay home guy and be the outside active guy, it’s way more fun and it’s also healthy.   Staying inside is so boring like just imagine a great sunny day were you could do a lot of things like going to the beach and having a water balloon fight is way better then trying to get 1 victory royal in fortnite. You could do so much outside and have so much fun  then staying inside on video games.

It’s always good to have fun but it’s also good to have some family time because your family is the most important thing and to just spend a good day with your family could even make your holidays fun.  

Creative chores, great ideas, fun activities now that’s what i would call a fun holiday, so if thought these four ideas on having a fun holidays  were very inspiring maybe next time you could try them and write your very own blog about your fun holiday.

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