Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Kua tae te wā - it’s time!

It’s time for what I hear you say.   It’s time for teachers to have their say - to be heard.   That’s right our teachers are banding together this month to grab the attention of our government.  There are a number of things that our teachers are hoping to achieve by going on strike. I will explain some of these things in the following paragraphs.  You might even be able to see how you can be part of the action!

Do you think teachers are getting enough time to teach? From my opinion teachers should get way more time to focus on the kids.  Some teachers time gets cut down and more work gets put on our teachers shoulder’s and it pulls them away from us children. For an example some teachers do reflection reports during their time for teaching..and if they do reflection reports instead of spending more learning time with their student’s, how much learning do you think us students would get to progress and get better ?

Second point
Our teacher’s current payment is not too good and the teachers are not getting paid enough
for their work they put in, it doesn’t mean that all the teachers just want millions of dollars but all
they want is a good amount that could still help them with their personal things. It also could
keep the next generation of kids growing up trying to find a job to either feed their family and
keep the roof over their head or even just to keep themselves healthy and safe.If the next
upcoming children look at how much a teacher gets paid then they might turn around and say
“ Ohh that won’t help me they only get paid a little amount” and if there's no upcoming teachers
then we might run out of teachers and then us children will have no learning time.

Another reason why the teachers are striking is the lack of resourcing for additional needs for
an example kids that need extra help don’t always have that maybe sometimes someone will
help but not on a daily basis which means that student could end up not learning anything or
could feel like it’s too hard.  They would need their own special helper just to make sure there
progressing and even learning one thing every day.

So their you have it  I guess all these teachers are going on strike just to help us as students
and themselves, So you could help just by supporting them and wishing them all the best.
You could even do a blog post right now about how you feel about our teachers going on strike.
More time to teach,Resourcing for additional needs, Better pay.. I think that’s a three good
points to go on strike for.

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