Thursday, 30 August 2018

School poem!!

A place were all our memories are made 
Having fun every day 
Waking up, I can't be late 
My brain switched on 
Now school is great
Represent my school with pride
Not here for trouble
Just positive vibes  


  1. Hi tevita that was a nice poem an i liked it.I think you should go back to it an do someing to it.

    From leonardy

  2. Kia ora Tevita, I am really impressed on your poem. What I read of this was that you really love school and that you must have a lot of memories with your mates. It sounds like you have fun with all your friends and being your age. keep up the good work !

  3. Hi Tevita, your poem is very interesting i like how you said "represent my school with pride" you are a great leader to our school. hope to see more posts from you.

  4. Malo e lelei Tevita, I am really impressed on your poem. I can see in your poem, that school is very important to you. I can tell you make a lot of memories before heading off to college. Hope to see you make the most of your last year at school. Malo aupito Tevita!

  5. Hi Tevita i really like your poem. I think I should have fun everyday at school. An don't make trouble at school and stay positive.

  6. Kia Orana Tevita,
    I really like the way you formed your poem. By reading your poem you sound like an outgoing person. I can tell that you must have a lot of friends at school and that you share around positive vibes with everyone. Your poem was great and I hope to see more from you.
    Keep up the great work.
    From Ana

  7. Salut and Hi Tevita I've really enjoy reading your little poem .It's really great to see how you describe your school . I can see that you really like coming to school and making new memories with your friends everyday hope you make the most of it for the rest of this year

    From: Sabrina


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