Monday, 26 November 2018

3 Elements of Lady pink's art work


Investigate and explain how artists express meaning in their work

Able to explain 3 or more elements (e.g. line, shape, colour, form) that artists use to share messages through their work; can identify an artist’s message (e.g personal identity, a story, opinion on social issues)

Lady Pink
3 Elements 

Shape: Lady pink was a graffiti artist so she mostly used big expressed shapes representing realistic objects, places and even humans.  She had a lot of 3D objects to make her art work look realistic.  here is one of her art works that really stood out as a realistic piece of art 
Colour: there are a lot of different kinds of colour shades there could be a light type of shade, dark, medium, or a real sketched type colour, they could all be used in different ways. lady pink mostly used bright colours because she used bright to explain that women stand out and can do anything, knowing from her art work, take a look at one of her art works and tell me in the comments if you agree. Lady Pink fine art   

Lines: Lady pink would always used different types of lines, she used the Elements of shapes to express her self in her art work that tells her message for women, for and example curved lines , straight lines and other lines.  


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