Friday, 2 March 2018

2018 Visual Mihi

 This is my 2018 visual mihi, in the top left corner it shows that sport is a part of my life and I really enjoy playing sports and just having fun, also always finding a new team new brother hood to join.
In my right corner is the bible and a verse from Pslam, that shows that I am a child of god and will always worship him. In the bottom left corner is the shield of The Kingdom Of Tonga, I am a proud MMT (Mate Ma'a Tonga) representative. last of all in my bottom right corner is my family's last name showing that Family is first, hope you like also leave a good comment :))


  1. Inspiring visual mihi Tevita! I enjoyed reading the blurb about each segment. I wonder which quarter is your favourite?

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  3. cool and styler tevita the man keep it up

  4. hello Tevita. It is Atelea and your picture is really cool


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