Friday, 17 March 2017

Pacific Poly Panthers

Wait!!  Take a look at this work I will be writing about. Have you participated in a poly fest before, or even been to a ASB Poly fest because i know for sure I have been to the ASB Poly fest and it
Was Amazing I’ll tell you how much fun i had at the ASB Poly fest 2017

Yesterday team 5 went to the ASB Poly fest 2017 and we went to learn about other cultures and how we can pick up things from those thing like for an example Diversity this is a group that showed me that wherever you come from you must be proud and show that you're proud of it.  Also the thing that shocked me was about how the performances were very organised.  The poly fest stand for Polynesian festival for thing like Tongan, Samoan, Maori and Nuian.

The food was delicious because I got to taste  weird things I've never seen before like mussel fritters, mango madness and ice cream on watermelon my favourite was the ice cream on water melon have you ever tasted any of those?  Also the price was amazingly cheap like two ice cream watermelon’s for ten dollars but most of all at least i didn’t have to wait in a long long Que.  But the unfortunate thing was their where no water taps and all the seats to watch the performances were filled.

Hot hot hot, the day was burning like the Sahara desert man i was melting like the ice cream on my watermelon but lucky we brang our hats and drink bottles.  Man I was HOT!!  But at least it was a great day and no sunburn on my skin.

So first it was burning hot then I got to taste nice and weird things.  Then I got to see amazing performances What a day so if you have ever been or preformed in a ASB Poly fest 2017 just leave it in the comments.

Friday, 10 March 2017

Visaul mihi

Wait take one sec too take a look at this.  This is my visual mihi, on the right left corner is family that represent how much i love my family next is the bible that also says i love going
to church last of all is a Tongan flag witch represent how i am 
proud of being a Tongan. 


Thursday, 2 March 2017

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Word Problem

What I learn't today was times tables,divided by, Plus and also decimals and what we had to solve was to read the question and then we to try think what it is and one we did was b) 0.16kg + 0.4kg + 0.306kg =?

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Fraction of Number

What I learn't today was factions and what I did was 1/3 of 12? and it is 12 and how i got it was I did 4x3=12.

Waters Wise


hey wait take a second to have a look at this interesting work.
today i learnt about what a water cycle is and what i know about a water cycle.  Did you know that the fresh water in the world is actually i billion years old.