Friday, 20 October 2017

Happy Niuean Language Week!!!

Moonu moonu moonu Tangaloa, Fakalofo lahi atu Today was the end of the first week of term 4.  As you know it is Niue language week and Pt.England where celebrating it with the Niuean group's item, Fun fact: did you know that there are only 14 villages in Niue, the surprising thing was that there were not only just Niuean kids there where a mixture of some Tongan, Maori and Samoan kids that just shows that you don't have too be Niue too celebrate the culture you just embrace it cause you can.
The Niue dancers outfits where outstanding, the boys looked like they where actually Niue warriors and on the other hand it was bright and colourful. It was probably the best Niuean performance ive seen if you Niuean just embrasure your culture 


  1. Fakaalofa atu Tevita,
    I just read your blog post from October and I thought you would like to know that I've just returned from spending a week visiting Niue!
    I visited all 14 villages and went snorkelling in some really beautiful areas. I hope you get to visit Niue some day, although because its coral there is only one beach on the island with sand!

  2. hi it me mariko you are amazing on your work good work. from mariko in room 11