Friday, 16 November 2018

The lonely sad boy & the reflecting beautiful tree

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A lonely boy who was raised up on his own  

Quiet, shy, scared of the other things  he would become

He loved the nature and everything around

But the people he missed could never be found  

This strange tree that was growing from beneath

He stood and stared not knowing what to do

He cried and cried because this tree was a reflection of himself

Lonely, sad, something who was looking for help ,

So he took his time to sit and help

This tree grew higher, bigger and beautiful

He cried and cried just looking at this beautiful tree

The thing he thought that was a reflection of him,  grew bigger and beautiful day and night

All tho the boy felt happy, he never changed and was still  lonely inside.

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  1. I like your story it has a good meaning to it But can you work on using bigger words yes


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