Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Here I Come Term 2

Hey take a minuet to read this blog.  Today I will be telling you about our assembly and the goals I want to archive  in Term 2 like getting my work done and focusing more on my learning and sports.  Do you want  to know what our topic is for term 2?  The theme was  NOW THAT'S THINKING!  All the teams had to do a item.  Team 5's item was to build things that helps the school and the area around.  

During assembly Mr Burt was telling us about when Pt.England use to use old things like the first wireless connections and pod casting, Samsung netbooks from 2009 and then we up graded to a acer c7, acer cc730, acer touchscreen, but I can't remember what it is called. 

Team 5 are learning about, how we could make our year 7 & 8 block better. By putting our bags in the right place, and hanging it on the selves. And also around the school's. We also create animated movies about technology, and how we could make it animate.      

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