Wednesday, 18 October 2017

The start of term four!!!

Today was the first day of term 4 and it kicked off with a good start, Every time a new term starts all teams have to do an item about the big idea, the big idea for term four is MUSICAL MADNESS! It started with a song that was written by Mr Jacobson.  My favourite part about that song was the lyrics and Mr Somerville’s drumming it sounded like he played for one of those big rock bands. All the teachers outfits were really outstanding especially Mr Jacobson's,  After that we watched Mr Jacobson’s cousin from his Scottish half, their drumming was amazing.

The most entertaining item was team three's Item theirs was very funny and really entertaining, the other one i found entertaining was team four’s that was about songs make rides funner i personally think that's true, do you think you could be in a ride with no music? The one i found most informative was team ones because music really does have emotions because in music you can really express your feelings.  What i really want to find out is how can we make this term not all about music but about different things that can have something interesting but still have something to do with music. Here are some photos of the outfits some of the teachers wore.

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