Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Annual Speech Competition

Do you think you could be able to say a full speech in front of 150 kids? Last week team five had a speech competition there were three kids from each literacy class that were picked to say their speech lucky I wasn't one of those guys.  Each name was picked out of a box I felt so good my name wasn't in there, the first name was Amelia her one was about her nana and why she thought she was happy but it ended in a bad way but she made it sound like it was a good thing, then we went past a couple more.

The most appealing one was Danielle because her speech was very deep and people could relate to her lost most of us have lost a close family member it takes a lot of confidence to speak about that.

For me I didn't really think their was the best speech they all good but the one that was most entertaining was Mubashar he wasn’t shy he hooked the crowd with a good entrance he was funny and had good points on what he would do if he was president for one day, Most of these speeches were sad and entertaining.

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