Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Catching & Farming Flounder with Pt.England

  Flounder made us walk to Riverside avenue! your  probably wondering why we walked to riverside, Today Pt.England went to support Some students from Pt.England while they were catching some baby flounder for us to put in our tank to farm them.

Pt.England where catching some baby flounder because most of the flounder in the community is endangered so were catching them to let them grow in clean water. We were also trying to beat Kauri Flats School in partnership score of 4 flounders.

We sang a Himene (hym) and did a Karakia (prayer).  We sang for our floundering people bless them to catch some beautiful baby flounder for our school so we can farm them and so their not endangered.  So tell me would you save our flounder by not polluting and catch the right size and take the right ammoun.  If you do leave a good comment 

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  1. Yes for we are all kaitiaki and how we do that matters,so big up s to you fullahs,great way to secure your future,am humbled about this. Keep it up team.