Wednesday, 1 February 2017


Malo e lelei my name is Tevita welcome to my blog.  I’m a year 7 at pt England school, I come from the beautiful island of Tonga.  My teacher is Mrs Tale’a and  I am from Room 3, the things I like to do at school is learning new things and gaining more knowledge I also love to play sports I like rugby,softball and cricket.  My goals for this year is to work  hard and become leader for next year I also want to try and learn new things.  My favourite subjects for 2017 is literacy and maths.  This year I want to try to get more involved in new things that I didn’t try last year

The things I was involved last year was mostly sports and other things the best thing that I enjoyed was playing 2016 Auckland champs because I liked meeting new teammates and versing my old school Viscount


  1. Hi Tevita, I remember that tournament but I was playing in the restricted team I watched that game you played really well. Keep up the great work

  2. Malo Tevita! Welcome to Team 5 and Room 3. I'm sure you'll agree that we've made a good start to the year :) I think it's a great goal to get more involved in new things this year. Keep on being part of the sports teams and more - it's all good for you!